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At Zen Body Art & Adornment, your Houston area body modification specialists…”quality” & “dedication” are not just words, they are an integral part of our business model. We are dedicated to giving you the absolute best quality work for the very best price that is possible. Zen provides top quality body modification for reasonable prices! We’re a full service tattoo shop that provides a clean, comfortable environment with several very talented professionals to serve any & all of your tattoo or piercing needs. We perform various types of services – large or small, color, black & gray, traditional, restorations & cover-ups. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

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The tattooists that work at Zen are all artists & they will provide you with a personalized tattoo designed to your specifications. Please rely on the experience of your artist, but don’t hesitate to add your own input. Our artists have portfolios that display their previous artwork. This may help you decide which artist’s technique that you prefer and that will best suit your particular needs.


Our crew has over 80 years of tattoo experience collectively, our employees are thoroughly educated & can provide answers to any questions that you may have. All tattoos or piercings are performed using a sterile, new needle every time. All inks and supplies are single use and disposed of after every client. Your safety and comfort are our primary concern. Please call us at (832) 632-1525 if you want to request artwork or if you have questions about an upcoming procedure. You may also feel free to stop by the shop to discuss any concerns that you may have regarding an upcoming procedure or if you have any questions during the healing period of your new tattoo. We are open Monday through Friday 2pm to 10pm, and Saturday & Sunday noon to 10pm.